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3-03-2014, 19:55
Все расходы покрывают организаторы.

Invitam jurnalistii ( varsta 22 -35 ani) din Republica Moldova sa aplice la Programul de Burse pentru Jurnalisti Reham Al-Fara, care ofera posibilitatea de a studia din prima sursa despre activitatea ONU.

Perioada programului: 8 septembrie – 3 octombrie, ONU, New York. Toate cheltuelile de calatorie si sejur sunt suportate de ONU, NY.

Avand in vedere ca cunoasterea buna a limbii engleze este o conditie pentru aplicare, mai jos si anexata este info despre program, precum si formularul de aplicare in limba engleza.

Termenul de aplicare: 15 martie

Programme website: http://outreach.un.org/raf

All interested candidates must fill out the online 2014 Application Form (or the hard copy - see attached) and submit the following supporting documents via e-mail to: mediafellowship@un.org or to you no later than 15 March 2014.

The supporting documents which are listed in the 2014 Application Form:
1) Three samples in any language published in the last three years of your work related to the United Nations. A translation into English or a summary must accompany material published in languages other than the 6 UN official languages.

* For print journalists:
Copies of 3 articles or reports including full citation (dates, pages and names of the publications) Please do not send complete newspapers, magazines.

* For broadcast and online journalists:
3 videos, audio or Internet link (e.g. YouTube) (maximum 15 minutes each) or links to radio/tv/on-line work related to the United Nations. Please indicate your exact responsibility and role in those samples. Samples must be journalistic in nature and demonstrate that your job involves news gathering, writing, editing or producing.

* Applicants in managerial or editorial positions for whom it would be difficult to send work samples, should include a statement of up to 150 words describing their work.

2) Photocopy of your passport, showing your photo, nationality, date/place issued and date of expiration. Your passport must be valid for at least another 6 months from the end of the Programme. Birth certificates are not accepted.

3) Reference letter from your current employer, supporting your application and if selected, granting you leave of absence for the full duration of the Programme including allowing you time to execute all assignments and requirements.

4) Photocopy of your diploma in the field of journalism or communication.
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